Live Venue, Event Management System


Live Venue

Voodoo Belfast have been pioneering the independent music scene in Belfast since they opened their doors back in 2011.

The folks at Voodoo were fantastic clients to work with. They had some great ideas to kick-start the creative process. 

The site needed a way to manage upcoming gigs, and so we designed a custom database with a simple front-end form so the team could add new events.


This pint-based project was planned primarily in the bar. We met with manager Feargal over a beer and chatted through the crucial feature of the site; the event management engine. Once we had established the EME parameters, it was all about the design. 

Black and Red with the skull and cross-bone logo, Voodoo is a brand synonymous with Rock'n'Roll across Northern Ireland. With Feargals guidance, we set about translating who Voodoo are into CSS.


Custom Database

Voodoo have gigs and shows scheduled well into next year, and so that presented a unique challenge for our team. We set out to create a custom database for 2 main reasons:

We wanted event information to display in several areas of the site while still only adding the event once to the database. 

The event management team at voodoo needed to be able to edit, add and remove gigs on-the-go. Our customised mobile form, which is linked to the database allows them to do this at any time, and from anywhere.