Glenwood Business Centre

Office Space, Commercial Unit Space, Sustainable Enterprise


Business in the Community

Glenwood Business Centre, manages a property base of 70 000sq.ft. of rentable workspace.

Units range in size from 325sq.ft. to 3000sq.ft. The units are suitable for both start-up and expanding businesses. The provision of flexible licence agreements to meet individual needs, coupled with support services means that the needs of most enterprises can be met in an efficient and cost effective manner


This project was close to home. Literally.
Our Head office is based in the business centre, so when the Glenwood team asked us to work a bit of magic on their website, it was a no-brainer.


In the interest of keeping it simple, we decided that a 'brochure' style website would be best suited.


A Masterclass in Smartphone Photography

One thing Glenwood needed was high quality images of the park & the units. In the interest of keeping costs as low as possible, we took a different approach to gathering the images. Using the latest Xiaomi Smartphone, we set about taking some photos of the various phases within the park. We spent some time eyeing up some good angles, going through settings options, and most importantly ,ensuring the camera aperture was set to "sunny 16" to deal with the bright sunlight.

glenwood mobile_iphonexspacegrey_portrai
mission page.png