11+ Exam Papers

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11+ Resources

11+ Exam Papers create and sell educational resources across the UK aimed at giving pupils the best chance at achieving their desired grade in the 11+ Transfer Test.

Transitioning to a managed service allowed the team at 11+ EP to spend more time focusing on creating new content.


Working alongside CEO Stephen from 11+ Exam Papers was hugely enjoyable. We met for design meetings at rebble HQ, where we provided the tea and Stephen often showed up bearing a bounty of apple & rhubarb tarts. 
The site brief was simple; create a engaging homepage which highlighted the main areas of learning, and clearly showcased associated resources. The purchasing process also needed to be simple.



Try before you buy

One of the unique challenges this project posed was creating a 'product preview' to enable parents to review the materials they were intending to buy before the purchasing stage. It was intended to give the potential customer a deeper understanding of the type of content to expect, without compromising the value of product.

Our content team worked with Stephen to create an online excerpt which resembled the product as closely as possible. The Flipping Book software was then used to create a similar experience to the "workbook" style of content.  

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