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Community Hub

Aquinas FC are a local football club from South Belfast.

Aquinas needed an all-in-one website solution; somewhere they could share club news, events, policies, images etc.

We worked alongside the committee to design the 'Aquinas Community Hub' which has been a huge success.

This site has been recognised for innovative use of Google Sheets & Custom Mapping


When we started this project, we met with the Aquinas Committee for lunch and a chat about what their initial ideas were. 

It was clear that given Aquinas' standing in the local area, that this project would become more of a community hub; somewhere to access information about the club, its history, its future and it's surrounding community. 

We started by Archiving all the content on the previous Aquinas site. We structured the archive so that we could create a visual timeline, telling the story of AFC since they were established in 1969.


Google Sheets


In order for the website to be kept up-to date with all the recent match results and goal scorer information, it was crucial to have a nice easy system for the managers to update the data each week after the Saturday matches. Google sheets integrates into the Wix platform seamlessly and so we set about creating a 'sheet' to manage this data. Each team manager is added as a google sheets contributor and can update only their own relevant sheet within the "Master" document. 

This means that the club's data can be kept up-to-date without having to train the Aquinas committee on how to use Wix.



Imagery is hugely important for a club when communicating with it's community. Like with the google sheets, we wanted to add module which would pull data in from other sources so that clubs could update their images without logging into wix. 

We set up and instagram, on behalf of the club and embedded the feed on the homepage. This is then updated live on a Saturday during matches, so people can follow the action.